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6月15日 週六



【台北】 βD$M同樂會-以繩會友

【台北】 βD$M同樂會-以繩會友
【台北】 βD$M同樂會-以繩會友


2024年6月15日 下午2:00 – 下午6:00

中山區, 10491台湾台北市中山區龍江路102號b1




 沒錯!包粽子! 同樂會的粽子市場買不到、媽媽不會包給你 這一天,不論你想當粽子、體驗被繩子綁起來、或是想嘗試綁人……都歡迎你來以繩會友! 

如果還沒有伴也沒關係, 現場也會有繩師、繩手們等著你來交朋友! 



活動時間:14:00~18:00 (進場時間13:00-13:50,逾時不候) 








 ◎符合尊重、安全、 知情、同意 之原則,能獨立自律行為。 

◎已詳閱活動【注意事項】,同意遵守配合者。  ☆ 活動內容☆






 ◎全程活動禁止拍照錄影,以維持一個無壓力的交流空間,所有物品包括手機、電子錶、遙控器、3C產品必須放置寄物櫃,並經過安檢才可入場。 ◎禁帶外食及飲料酒水。 







 ◎如有違法、違規等騷擾之行為,工作人員將要求該員離場,並謝絕參加日後活動。【恕不退費】 ◎如遇到場地或天氣等不可抗之因素需改期,將事前於網站上公告。 【主辦方保有權力拒絕無法認同遵守者進場,請參與同好全力支持配合。】

♦If you feel unwell, please do not participate the event, thank you♦

Kinki Festival 20240615

Once a year, it’s the Zongzi season!

Join KinkiFestival now as a zongzi or a zongzi maker.

Regardless you want to be in control or take control, it is the day to make new friends with rope!!

Sign Up Now:


Kinki Festival events provide a friendly space for beginners. We welcome any kinds of kinky play. Respect, safety and informed consent are the principles of the game. If you are interested but not sure about your favourite kinky style yet, start your unexpected adventure at Kinki Festival events! The admission time only between 13:00~13:50. LINE group opens for all new friends who comes on the day.


Date: Sat. 2024/06/15

Time: 14:00~18:00

(Admission time is 13:00-13:50 only)

Ticket: NTD500/p (with 1 drink)

Costume: Neat. No slippers.

Place: Zhongshan District, Taipei City【near the MRT station, the detailed address will be sent by email or LINE】

♦Everyone should measure their drinking capacity and stay sober. If they get drunk and vomit, a cleaning fee of NTD1,000 will be charged, and they will be listed of whether they can participate in the coming events♦


◎Over 18 years old. 【Please bring your ID card】

◎Comply with the principles of respect, safety, informed consent, and be able to act independently and self-discipline.

◎Those who have read the ☆Notes☆ and agree to abide by it.

☆ Content ☆

◎βD$M practice and observation

◎Acquaintance with friends, knowledge of props, exchange of ideas, practical experience.

◎The venue is a βD$M friendly space, please return props after using them.


【In order to maintain the quality of the event and the feeling of other people at the friendly venue, all guests should abide by the following notes】

◎Photography and video recording are prohibited throughout the event, in order to maintain a stress-free practical space. All belongings including mobile phones, electronic watches, remote controls, and 3C products must be locked and must pass through security checks before entering the venue.

◎No outside food or drink allowed.

◎Please do not make loud noises unless necessary.

◎Smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue. Please bring your cigarettes to the temporary smoking area and keep the it clean. Please put the cigarette butts in the ashtray after confirming extinguished.

◎Do not bring your pets 【except human pets】

◎Those who are interested in others’ costumes or props, please seek their consent first; 【Whether to accept touch/use】 with a respectful and friendly attitude.

◎If you feel harassed or offended, please refuse directly. please report directly to our staff if your refusal not working.

◎The staff has the right to intervene and ask for suspension of any dangerous or inappropriate interactive behavior during the event.

◎If there is any illegal or illegal harassment, the staff will ask the person to leave the venue and refuse him/her to participate in future events. 【No refund】

◎If there is a need to reschedule due to irresistible reasons such as venue or weather, Kinki Festival will announce it on the website in advance.

【The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry to those who break the rules with the observance, please participate with full cooperation. 】



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